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Baroque Castles -  Vranov Castle

03.02.2011, ID: 17077
Vranov Castle is considered as one of the important baroque castles in Europe. Vranov Castle stands prominently above the title chech little town, which passes through, Thaya river, also known as Dyje
Baroque Castles -  Wackerbarth Palace

Wackerbarth Palace

03.02.2011280ID: 17069
Wackerbarth Palace is one of several baroque palaces in Dresden, which was completely destroyed due to the bombing during World War II. Castle Wackerbarth was built in the early 18th century
:DresdenBaroque PalacesWackerbarth Palace
Baroque Castles -  Orangerie in Kassel

Orangerie in Kassel

03.02.2011538ID: 17064
Orangerie in Kassel is a magnificent Baroque palace - one of the best examples of such architecture in all of Germany. The Orangerie in Kassel is located within the park of Karlsaue.
:OrangerieOrangerie Kassel
Baroque Castles -  Herrenhausen Castle

Herrenhausen Castle

03.02.2011865ID: 17063
Herrenhausen Castle and its wonderful gardens are one of the priceless heritages of the history of Germany. Handsome Herrenhausen is located in the heart of Hannover itself.
:HerrenhausenHerrenhausen CastleHannover
Baroque Castles -  Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle

15.01.2011516ID: 16464
Inveraray Castle stands against the backdrop of the beautiful mountain hill in western Scotland. The unique architecture of Inveraray is a successful combination of Baroque, Gothic and paladin.
:InverarayGothic castlesInveraray Castle
Baroque Castles -  Skokloster Castle

Skokloster Castle

14.01.2011329ID: 16461
Skokloster Castle is an amazingly beautiful palace complex, located near Lake Mälaren. Skokloster is located between Uppsala and Stockholm and is one of the main attractions of the Nordic countries.
:Skokloster CastleSkoklosterLake Malaren
Baroque Castles -  Ludwigsburg Palace

Ludwigsburg Palace

07.12.20101126ID: 15577
Ludwigsburg Palace is the largest and most beautiful baroque palace in Germany. Ludwigsburg Palace basics were laid on May 17th, 1704 by order of Duke Eberhard Ludwig.
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Baroque Castles -  Milotice Castle

Milotice Castle

10.10.2010898ID: 14202
Milotice castle is one amazing medieval manor house, which in the 16th century was converted into a magnificent baroque palace. Today Milotice is open for public visits.
:Milotice castleMilotice
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