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Medieval castles -  Castle Assisi - Rocca Maggiore

14.05.2011, ID: 19695
Assisi is located in the province of Perugia in the Italian region of Umbria. The medieval castle in Assisi is the first thing you see when you enter the italian city.
Medieval castles -  Torrelbaton Castle

Torrelbaton Castle

13.05.2011380ID: 19676
Torrelobaton stands on a small hill, dominates the surrounding plains, near the village of the same name, which in turn is located in the province of Valladolid.
:TorrelobatonTorrelobaton Castle
Medieval castles -  Schattenburg Castle

Schattenburg Castle

12.05.2011690ID: 19682
Schattenburg Castle is the emblem of the Austrian city of Feldkirch. Today medieval Schattenburg castle provides an excellent example of how life was here in the 16 century.
:Schattenburg CastleSchattenburgFeldkirch
Medieval castles -  Hardeg Castle

Hardeg Castle

07.05.2011206ID: 17062
Hardeg Castle is located in the German city of Hardegsen in the picturesque region of Lower Saxony. Only the Hardeg Castle is a medieval mansion, which today is covered with debris.
:Hardeg CastleBurg HardegHardegsen
Medieval castles -  Herstmonceux Castle

Herstmonceux Castle

12.04.2011351ID: 18912
Herstmonceux Castle is a massive building, built in 15th century style of the Tudors. It stand in the English county of East Sussex , as part of the province Herstmonceux.
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Medieval castles -  Hrusov Castle

Hrusov Castle

11.04.2011379ID: 18871
Hrušov Castle is surrounded by shrubs and grasses and is now an impressive ruin of a medieval Gothic castle. Hrušov Castle is located in Slovakia, near the village of the same name in Slovak Hostie County, Zlate Moravce.
:Gothic castlesHrusov CastleHrusov
Medieval castles -  Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle

01.04.2011554ID: 18666
Ashford Castle is located near Cong, County Mayo, Ireland near the border with County Galway. The castle stands right on the edge of Lough Corrib. Ashford Castle is rated amongst the best hotels in Ireland.
:Castle HotelsAshford CastleAshford Castle history
Medieval castles -  Saumur Castle

Saumur Castle

01.04.20112187ID: 18665
Saumur Castle is one of the medieval masterpieces along the river Loire. Saumur is a typical medieval Gothic building. With its sharp grey towers it dominates the Loire Valley, Maine-et-Loire region.
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Medieval castles -  Gruyere Castle

Gruyere Castle

01.04.2011402ID: 18658
Gruyere Castle is the emblem of the historic town of Gruyere, Switzerland, which until now has managed to preserve the medieval town atmosphere.
:Gruyere CastleGruyere
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