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Medieval castles -  Menthon Saint Bernard Castle

19.02.2011, ID: 17472
Menthon Saint Bernard Castle is an amazing medieval complex located near the French town of Annecy. Menthon Saint Bernard Castle dominates the surrounding area by the height of the 200-foot cliff.
Medieval castles -  Sortelha Castle

Sortelha Castle

03.02.2011338ID: 17076
Sortelha Castle is an authentic medieval fortress. Sortelha Castle is located only 14 kilometers from the Portuguese settlement of Sabugal. Sortelha Castle was built in 1228 by King Sancho II.
:Sortelha CastleSortelhaSabugal
Medieval castles -  La Roche Guyon Castle

La Roche Guyon Castle

03.02.2011699ID: 17075
La Roche Guyon Castle is located in one of the oldest villages across France. Many people define the Castle in La Roche Guyon as a captivating palace of complexes in the vicinity of the river Seine.
:SeineLa Roche GuyonLa Roche Guyon Castle
Medieval castles -  Greifenstein Castle in Germany

Greifenstein Castle in Germany

03.02.2011957ID: 17074
Greifenstein, is most associated with the unique museum of bells, which can be seen there. German Bell Museum. Greifenstein Castle is remarkable for its two tall towers, which are interrelated.
:GreifensteinGreifenstein CastleGerman Bell Museum
Medieval castles -  Sandomierz Castle

Sandomierz Castle

03.02.2011256ID: 17071
Sandomierz castle is the successor of the former massive medieval fort. Sandomierz castle was reconstructed in the 14th century by Casimir III the Great.
:Sandomierz castleSandomierzCasimir III the Great
Medieval castles -  Zwernitz Castle

Zwernitz Castle

03.02.2011427ID: 17065
Zwernitz Castle is located near the northern Bavarian town of Bayreuth. The medieval Zwernitz Castle is one of the oldest castles that can be found on the territory of the Bavarian province
:CastlesBavarian castlesZwernitz Castle
Medieval castles -  Burresheim Castle

Burresheim Castle

03.02.20111147ID: 17061
Burresheim Castle is located near the town of St. Johann or better known as Mayen. Burresheim Castle stands in a lonely valley among the hills of the rich natural and beautiful region of Eifel.
:CastlesBurresheim CastleBurresheim
Medieval castles -  Prosels Castle

Prosels Castle

02.02.2011544ID: 17038
Prosels Castle is situated on a high plateau to the land title settlement in South Tyrol. strong>Prosels Castle stands with its medieval figure below the Schlern mountain
:TyrolProsels CastleProsels
Medieval castles -  Sarriod Castle - Sarriod de la Tour

Sarriod Castle - Sarriod de la Tour

02.02.2011343ID: 17031
Sarriod Castle, known as Seriod de la Tour is an amazing castle situated in the Aosta Valley, in Saint Pierre. Sarriod Castle is one of the authentic medieval castles, which can be seen in Italy.
:Aosta ValleySarriod CastleSarriod de la Tour
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