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Medieval castles -  Berkhamsted Castle

02.02.2011, ID: 17028
Berkhamsted Castle is one of the most significant early medieval buildings in England. Berkhamsted Castle is located near the eponymous town in the southwestern English county of Hertfordshire.
Medieval castles -  Gutenfels Castle

Gutenfels Castle

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Gutenfels castle is an authentic medieval castle, located near the town of Kaub in the German province of Rhineland in Germany. Gutenfels Castle was built around 1200.
:Gutenfels CastleGutenfelsRhineland
Medieval castles -  Tarascon Castle

Tarascon Castle

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Tarascon Castle is an impressive and massive medieval citadel, situated on the River Rhone. Tarascon Castle is situated 23 km south of Avignon, about 20 kilometers north of Arles.
:Tarascon CastleTarasconRiver Rhone Castles
Medieval castles -  Gniew Castle

Gniew Castle

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Gniew castle is a well restored medieval castle located on the left bank of the Vistula River. Gniew castle is the largest fortress, which was the seat of the Teutonic Order.
:FortressesGniew castleVistula River
Medieval castles -  Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle

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Bojnice Castle is an attractive medieval castle, located on the territory of Slovakia. Bojnice Castle is considered by many to be one of the historic characters of the whole of Slovakia.
:SlovakiaBojnice CastleBojnice
Medieval castles -  Ashby-de-la-Zouch Castle

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Castle

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The medieval castle ruins of Ashby Castle are located near the small market town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, located in the county of Leicestershire.
:RuinsNorman CastlesAshby Castle
Medieval castles -  Rasnov Castle

Rasnov Castle

26.01.2011713ID: 16826
Rasnov Castle is an impressive medieval fortress. The town and fortress Rasnov are located 12 km southeast of Brasov.
:Medieval fortressesRasnov Castle
Medieval castles -  Colchester Castle

Colchester Castle

20.01.2011359ID: 16629
Colchester Castle is one of the best and most authentic examples of Norman medieval architecture in England. Colchester Castle was built by the Normans, from Normandy in France around 1076
:NormandyNorman CastlesColchester Castle
Medieval castles -  Coburg Castle

Coburg Castle

20.01.2011738ID: 16623
Coburg Castle is one of the largest and most impressive fortifications in Germany. Coburg Castle is beautifully situated above the Itz River in the German province of Bavaria.
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