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Alaska -  Kluane Lake

04.01.2013, ID: 25558
Kluane Lake is located in southwestern Yukon, Alaska, near the highway. Kluane lake is located 850 meters above sea level.
Alaska -  Lake Atlin

Lake Atlin

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Lake Atlin is the largest natural lake in the region of British Columbia. The area of Atlin was turned into a tourist destination in 1900, when the gold rush receded.
:Lake AtlinLake Atlin British ColumbiaAtlin
Alaska -  Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley

16.12.2011242ID: 24516
Mount McKinley is the highest within the United States and across North America. McKinley is located in Cordillera mountains in the territory of the 49 th U. S. state of Alaska.
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Alaska -  Anchorage


19.10.2011139ID: 23275
Anchorage is located in Alaska. The city of Anchorage has 291 826 inhabitants, making it the largest city in the territory of Alaska.
:AnchorageAnchorage AlaskaCity of Anchorage
Alaska -  Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

04.09.2011247ID: 21896
Mendenhall Glacier stands in the southeastern part of the U. S. state of Alaska. Mendenhall glacier can be reached easily - by train, car, even by boat.
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Alaska -  Alsek River

Alsek River

26.06.2011164ID: 19611
Alsek River is located in Canada. It is glacial, and leaves the Yukon in northern British Columbia and Alaska. Alsek is a protected area within the Kluane National Park.
:Alsek RiverAlsekKluane National Park
Alaska - Armadale Castle
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