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Bangalore -  Bangalore

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Bangalore is a picturesque town located in southern India. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. Bangalore is the third largest city in India, by population.
Bangalore -  Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

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Bangalore Palace is one of its biggest attractions in Bangalore, India. Bangalore Palace was built over a century ago, as an example, builders had Windsor in England.
:Bangalore PalaceBangalore Castle
Bangalore -  Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha

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Vidhana Soudha was built in 1950 for Kengal Hanumanthaiah, who was chief minister of Mysore. Vidhana Soudha is located in a central location in the Indian city of Bangalore.
:MysoreVidhana SoudhaKengal Hanumanthaiah
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