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Baroque Castles -  Sternberg Palace in Prague

01.09.2011, ID: 17073
Sternberg Palace is an amazing baroque castle in the Czech Republic. In fact, Sternberg is one of the surrounding Prague Castles.
Baroque Castles -  Spilberk Castle

Spilberk Castle

21.07.2011229ID: 20272
Spilberk Castle stands on the highest hill of the city of Brno. Spilberk Castle is easily accessible and is located only 10 minutes walk from the main square of Brno.
:CastlesSpilberk CastleSpilberk Castle Brno
Baroque Castles -  Sternberg Palace

Sternberg Palace

22.06.2011436ID: 20241
Sternberg Palace is an amazing baroque castle in the Czech Republic. Actually Sternberg is one of the surroundings of Prague Castle.
:Sternberg PalaceSternbergSternberg Palace Prague
Baroque Castles -  Eggenberg Palace

Eggenberg Palace

18.05.2011408ID: 19780
Eggenberg Castle was built outside the popular with beauty Old Town of Graz, but is one of the largest attractions in Graz, Austria. Eggenberg is located about 3 km west of the historic center of Graz.
:Eggenberg CastleEggenberg Castle GrazEggenberg Castle Austria
Baroque Castles -  Mikulov Castle

Mikulov Castle

12.05.2011359ID: 19680
Mikulov Castle is situated in the south-Moravian region of the Czech Republicon on the border with Austria. Mikulov Castle is considered a creation of Baroque architecture.
:Mikulov CastleMikulov
Baroque Castles -  Becov Castle

Becov Castle

12.05.2011163ID: 19678
Becov Castle is a beautiful preserved medieval manor in the territory of Slovakia. Currently only about one third of the baroque castle complex Becov is available for public visits.
:Becov CastleBecovBecov Chateau
Baroque Castles -  Oranienstein Castle

Oranienstein Castle

01.04.2011519ID: 18660
Oranienstein castle is one of the historical landmarks that can be found in Diez. The beautiful baroque castle was built between 1672 and 1684 by the order of Albertina Agnes, who was Princess of Nassau-Diez.
:Oranienstein castleOraniensteinDiez
Baroque Castles -  Rheinsberg Castle

Rheinsberg Castle

31.03.2011428ID: 18624
Rheinsberg Castle is a historical landmark, which is located in the municipality of Ostprignitz-Ruppin in the north west German region of Brandenburg.
:CastlesBrandenburgRheinsberg Castle
Baroque Castles -  Lednice Castle

Lednice Castle

24.02.2011572ID: 17624
Lednice Castle is part of the cultural and natural complex of Lednice - Valtice. Today Lednice Castle is an amazing architectural mixture between Gothic, Baroque and classical style.
:LedniceLednice CastleValtice
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