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Baroque Palaces -  Bückeburg Palace

12.01.2013, ID: 23958
Bückeburg Palace is located in a picturesque small town 30 km north of Hanover. Bückeburg is a true gem of Baroque architecture.
Baroque Palaces -  Sternberg Palace in Prague

Sternberg Palace in Prague

01.09.2011344ID: 17073
Sternberg Palace is an amazing baroque castle in the Czech Republic. In fact, Sternberg is one of the surrounding Prague Castles.
:Baroque CastlesSternberg PalaceSternberg
Baroque Palaces -  Wackerbarth Palace

Wackerbarth Palace

03.02.2011272ID: 17069
Wackerbarth Palace is one of several baroque palaces in Dresden, which was completely destroyed due to the bombing during World War II. Castle Wackerbarth was built in the early 18th century
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Baroque Palaces -  Ludwigsburg Palace

Ludwigsburg Palace

07.12.20101125ID: 15577
Ludwigsburg Palace is the largest and most beautiful baroque palace in Germany. Ludwigsburg Palace basics were laid on May 17th, 1704 by order of Duke Eberhard Ludwig.
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