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Bavarian castles -  Zwernitz Castle

03.02.2011, ID: 17065
Zwernitz Castle is located near the northern Bavarian town of Bayreuth. The medieval Zwernitz Castle is one of the oldest castles that can be found on the territory of the Bavarian province
Bavarian castles -  Marienberg Fortress in Wurzburg

Marienberg Fortress in Wurzburg

26.01.20111037ID: 16829
Marienberg Fortress is one of the most striking buildings in the German city of Wurzburg. Today fortress Marienberg is the historical symbol of all Wurzburg.
:Marienberg FortressMarienbergWurzburg
Bavarian castles -  Coburg Castle

Coburg Castle

20.01.2011739ID: 16623
Coburg Castle is one of the largest and most impressive fortifications in Germany. Coburg Castle is beautifully situated above the Itz River in the German province of Bavaria.
:Coburg CastleMedieval castlesFortifications
Bavarian castles -  Lowenburg Castle

Lowenburg Castle

18.01.20113982ID: 16591
Lowenburg Castle rises within Wilhelmshöhe Hill Park at one end of the German city of Kassel. Lowenburg Castle is perched on the 92-meter hill in the Bavarian Alps.
:Lowenburg CastleLowenburgKassel
Bavarian castles -  Harburg Castle

Harburg Castle

30.11.20101814ID: 15421
Harburg Castle is one of the oldest and most powerful in the past fortified strongholds in Bavaria in southern Germany. Castle Harburg is amazingly large as it was built to serve as a fortress.
Bavarian castles -  Lichtenstein Gutenberg Castle in Germany

Lichtenstein Gutenberg Castle in Germany

22.11.20103272ID: 15261
Lichtenstein castle stands creepy, but at the same time somehow enchanting in the steep, steep cut in the Bavarian Alps in Germany. Very close to the castle Lichtenstein is situated the town, Honau.
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Bavarian castles -  Burghausen Castle

Burghausen Castle

23.09.2010841ID: 13802
Burghausen Castle is the longest fortress across Europe. Burghausen extends over 1043 meters in length and gives the title of the Bavarian village, which is located in the southern Bavarian region.
:FortressesBurghausen CastleBurghausen
Bavarian castles -  Herrenchiemsee Castle

Herrenchiemsee Castle

17.09.20101387ID: 13648
Herrenchiemsee Castle is the palace built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II in the 19th century. Herrenchiemse rises over the majestic island Herreninsel, the largest on the lake Chiemsee.
:HerrenchiemseeHerrenchiemsee CastleChiemsee
Bavarian castles -  Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle

05.06.20101096ID: 11509
Hohenschwangau is one of the jewels not only in Bavaria but throughout Germany. Hohenschwangau castle Germany was built on the ruins of the fortress Schwangau in the 12th century.
:HohenschwangauSchwangauHohenschwangau castle
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