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Berlin -  Berlin Cathedral - Berliner Dom

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Berlin Cathedral, known as the Berliner Dom is among the spectacular symbols of Berlin. Berlin Cathedral is about 114 meters long and 73 meters wide.
Berlin -  Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

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Berlin Wall is the symbol that recreates historical events in the country in 20th and 21st century. The Berlin Wall after its fall even turns into a profitable business.
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Berlin -  Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Alexanderplatz in Berlin

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Alexanderplatz is an emblem of the German capital, Berlin. The Television tower in Alexanderplatz is also known as Tele-spargel and is one of the largest structures in Europe.
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Berlin -  Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace

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Charlottenburg Palace is located in the eponymous region of the western German capital Berlin. The original central part of Charlottenburg was built between 1695 and 1699.
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Berlin -  Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

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Palace Sanssouci is located in Potsdam, which is located only thirty miles from Berlin. Incredibly beautiful and neat, the palace Sanssouci is one of the architectural pride of Germany.
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Berlin -  Pfaueninsel Castle

Pfaueninsel Castle

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Castle of Pfaueninsel is located on the island of the same name. This castle of Pfaueninsel, situated on the Havel River near Lake Wannsee is a favorite destination for couples in Berlin.
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Berlin -  Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

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Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was once called the gate of the world. Brandenburg Gate reaches a height of 26 meters, a width of 65. 5 meters, and its depth is measured at 11 feet.
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Berlin -  Berlin


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Berlin has kept alive the dramatic history and story of the whole country, especially with the iron curtain symbolizing the Berlin Wall. Berlin is the world capital of music, cinema, art and fashion.
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Berlin - Kluane National Park
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