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Brno -  Brno

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Brno is a major economic center of the Czech Republic, as the main sector it is home to the chemical industry. Brno has about 360, 000 inhabitants in an area of 230. 22 square kilometers, right where the rivers Svitava and Svratka merge.
Brno -  Veveri Castle

Veveri Castle

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Veveri Castle is considered one of the oldest and biggest in this region of the Czech Republic. Today Veveri Castle has become a tourist attraction and has a great interest among its many visitors.
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Brno -  Slavkov Castle

Slavkov Castle

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Slavkov Castle is the historical symbol of the small town of Slavkov near Brno, which is located in the South Moravian Region, in the Czech county of Vishkov. Slavkov Castle is also known as Austerlitz.
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Brno - Augustusburg Castle
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