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Castle Hotels -  Clam Castle - Burg Clam

16.05.2011, ID: 19652
Clam castle is distinguished from other Austrian fortresses, because its structure is still preserved. Clam Castle is open during the summer months as a hotel.
Castle Hotels -  Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle

01.04.2011542ID: 18666
Ashford Castle is located near Cong, County Mayo, Ireland near the border with County Galway. The castle stands right on the edge of Lough Corrib. Ashford Castle is rated amongst the best hotels in Ireland.
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Castle Hotels -  Balfour Castle

Balfour Castle

25.02.2011444ID: 17647
Balfour Castle is considered the most north located castle hotel in the world. Balfour Castle is built on the site of an older mansion, which dates back to somewhere around 1700.
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