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Castle Ruins -  Samuil’s Fortress

19.09.2011, ID: 22774
Samuil’s Fortress is one of the most important medieval castles, preserved to this day the Bulgarian lands. Samuil's Fortress stands on a hill on the right bank of the river Strumeshnitsa.
Castle Ruins -  Rakvere Castle

Rakvere Castle

31.03.2011483ID: 18630
Rakvere Castle is situated in the Estonian city located in the north, around 20 miles south of the Gulf of Finland. Today Rakvere Castle is in [ruins] but has become an interesting tourist attraction.
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Castle Ruins -  Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle

01.02.2011595ID: 17033
Dunluce Castle remains today to remind us of the once mighty fortress built along the coast of Northern Ireland. Close to Dunluce Castle are the ruins of the ancient Church St. Cuthbert 's.
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