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Castles on Rhine -  Furstenberg Castle

20.05.2011, ID: 19643
Furstenberg Castle stands proudly on its hill, and at the foot of the town Rheindiebach. Among the interesting things that can be seen today in Furstenberg are the fortified wall, .
Castles on Rhine -  Katz Castle

Katz Castle

19.01.20111162ID: 16620
Katz Castle is located near St Goarshausen in Germany and dominates the surrounding countryside and beautiful valley of the Rhine. Castle Katz was the official home of the Counts Katzenellenbogen.
:Katz CastleKatzSt Goarshausen
Castles on Rhine -  Marksburg Castle

Marksburg Castle

30.05.20101079ID: 11330
Fortress Marksburg is the only indestructible mountain fortress on Rhine river. Marksburg Castle is located in the Lorelei valley near the town of Braubach, Germany. History and location.
:Medieval castlesMarksburgBraubach
Castles on Rhine -  Rheinfels Castle - Sankt Goar

Rheinfels Castle - Sankt Goar

23.05.2010476ID: 11093
Rheinfels Castle was once the largest and most impressive castle on the river Rhine. Today most of the castle Rheinfels has sank in ruins. Rheinfels is considered the largest castle near the Rhine.
:RuinsRheinfels CastleRheinfels
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