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Cathedrals -  Grossmünster

12.01.2013, ID: 24173
Grossmünster in Zurich is the largest cathedral in the most populous Swiss city. Grossmünster was built by order of Emperor Charlemagne.
Cathedrals -  Regensburg Cathedral

Regensburg Cathedral

12.01.2013225ID: 24172
Regensburg Catedral of St. Peter is the religious symbol of the city. St. Peter's cathedral in Regensburg was completed in 1634.
:Regensburg CatedralSt. PeterPetersdom
Cathedrals -  Basilica of St. Peter, Rome

Basilica of St. Peter, Rome

08.01.2013241ID: 24343
St. Peter's Basilica is located on the St. Peter Square in Rome. St. Peter's Basilica until recently was considered the largest church in the world.
:VaticanRomeSaint Peter Basilica
Cathedrals -  St. Stephen Cathedral - Stefansdom

St. Stephen Cathedral - Stefansdom

07.01.2013164ID: 24229
The foundations of St. Stephen cathedral were laid back in 1147. Stefansdom is named after St. Stephen, who is also the patron of the cathedral of the Bishop of Passau.
:ViennaStefansdomSt. Stephen Cathedral
Cathedrals -  Cathedral of Brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia

07.01.2013348ID: 24222
The Cathedral of Brasilia is a kind of self- created peak of modernism. The hyperboloid Cathedral of Brasilia is the result of 16 individually mounted concrete columns.
:Cathedral of Brasilia
Cathedrals -  Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral

05.01.2013112ID: 24345
Durham Cathedral was built in 1093 and impresses with its spectacular size and decor. Today Durham cathedral remains the seat of the bishop of Durham.
:DurhamDurham Cathedral
Cathedrals -  Seville Cathedral - Santa María de la Sede

Seville Cathedral - Santa María de la Sede

04.01.2013219ID: 24187
Seville cathedral, or Santa María de la Sede, was completed in the 16th century. Seville Cathedral is considered the third largest church in the world.
:SevilleSeville Cathedral
Cathedrals -  Reims Cathedral

Reims Cathedral

07.12.2011381ID: 24175
Reims Cathedral is a magnificent religious edifice where once were crowned French kings. The current Notre Dame de Reims is completed in the 13th century.
:Reims CathedralCathedral RheimsCothic Churches
Cathedrals -  Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral

07.12.2011500ID: 24188
Burgos Cathedral, know also as Cathedral of Santa Maria, is known for its unique architecture and is the biggest attraction of the Spanish city of Burgos.
:Gothic ChurchesBurgos CathedralCathedral Burgos
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