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Deserts -  Gobi Desert

30.12.2012, ID: 25601
The Gobi Desert is one of the largest inner- continental deserts in the world. Gobi Desert occupies an area of 1 295 000 square miles within southern China and northern Mongolia.
Deserts -  Namibian Desert

Namibian Desert

04.09.201180ID: 21907
The Namibian Desert is the oldest in the world, dunes higher and larger than its dunes are not found in any similar area. The highest dune in Namibian Desert reaches 300 m height and conquering is an unique experience.
:NamibiaNamibian DesertNamibian Desert Park
Deserts -  Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis

27.05.2010310ID: 11262
The area of the oasis Siwa is a rather small habitable area, located amidst the western Egyptian desert and is located 550 km away on the desert route from the capital Cairo.
:CairoSiwaOasis Siwa
Deserts -  The White Desert

The White Desert

22.05.2010585ID: 11105
One of the tourist attractions in western Egypt is called, The White Desert. The White Desert is located 45 km north of Farafra Town and Al-Farafra, which is the smallest oasis in Egypt.
:White DesertFarafraOasis in Egypt
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