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Fiordland -  Clinton River

14.01.2013, ID: 25523
Clinton River is one of the most beautiful sights that can be seen on the world famous tourist route Milford Track. Clinton River flows entirely within Fiordland National Park.
Fiordland -  Milford Sound

Milford Sound

03.12.2011130ID: 23950
Milford Sound fjord is one of the most impressive natural sights of New Zealand. Milford Sound falls within the Fiordland National Park.
:Milford SoundFiordland National ParkMilford Bay
Fiordland -  Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park

18.11.2011323ID: 23961
Fiordland National Park is the largest in New Zealand. Perhaps the biggest landmark is the beautiful Fiordland Milford Sound fjord with Milford Bay.
:Milford SoundFiordland National ParkFiordland New Zealand
Fiordland -  Stirling Falls

Stirling Falls

01.03.2011441ID: 17740
Stirling Falls and Bowen Falls are some of the biggest attractions of the largest park in New Zealand - Fiordland. The phenomenon Stirling was formed near the deepest part of Milford Sound.
:StirlingStirling FallsStirling Waterfall
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