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Fortresses -  Purana Quila in Delhi

21.02.2011, ID: 17525
Purana fort, which is locally known as Purana Qila, is known as the citadel of Old Delhi. The old fort of Delhi Purana Qila is located near the urban area of Pragati Maidan.
Fortresses -  Agra Fort

Agra Fort

20.02.2011439ID: 17524
Agra Fort is considered the most important fort in India. The Indian city of Agra is the medieval capital of Hindustan – Mughal.
:Medieval castlesAgraAgra Fort
Fortresses -  Duart Castle

Duart Castle

02.02.2011615ID: 17039
Duart Castle is situated on the east coast of the Scottish island of Mull, close to the Torosay Castle. The stone Duart fortress stands high on the rock and was considered as a security guard.
:Duart CastleTorosay CastleDuart
Fortresses -  Beynac Castle

Beynac Castle

02.02.2011765ID: 17030
Beynac Castle dominates the town of the same name of its high hill, reaching 150 meters. Beynac Castle is perched on a limestone hill on the north bank of the river Dordogne.
:Beynac CastleBeynacDordogne River
Fortresses -  Gniew Castle

Gniew Castle

31.01.2011291ID: 16980
Gniew castle is a well restored medieval castle located on the left bank of the Vistula River. Gniew castle is the largest fortress, which was the seat of the Teutonic Order.
:Medieval castlesGniew castleVistula River
Fortresses -  Yedikule Fortress

Yedikule Fortress

12.01.2011287ID: 16390
Yedikule Fortress is known as the castle of seven towers in Istanbul. Yedikule is a remarkable palace, located near the shores of the Marmara Sea in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul.
:IstanbulMedieval fortressesYedikule Fortress
Fortresses -  Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

31.12.2010563ID: 16154
Stirling Castle is the key to the Scottish history fortress. Stirling Castle and fortress itself have been repeatedly destroyed and built again in the management of various monarchs.
:Stirling CastleMedieval castlesStirling
Fortresses -  Harburg Castle

Harburg Castle

30.11.20101811ID: 15421
Harburg Castle is one of the oldest and most powerful in the past fortified strongholds in Bavaria in southern Germany. Castle Harburg is amazingly large as it was built to serve as a fortress.
:Bavarian castlesHarburgStrongholds
Fortresses -  Aigle Castle

Aigle Castle

03.11.2010512ID: 14766
Aigle Castle is considered one of the most interesting and important fortresses in Switzerland. Aigle Palace dominates the Swiss town of Aigle located in canton of Vaud.
:Aigle CastleSwitzerlandVaud
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