Freshwater Lakes

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Freshwater Lakes -  Lake Mead

18.01.2013, ID: 25566
Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the U. S. Lake Mead is located on the Colorado River, forty-eight miles southeast of Las Vegas. Lake Mead extends 180 km.
Freshwater Lakes -  Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

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Lake Michigan is one of the five major North American Great Lakes, which form the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world. Lake Michigan is the second in volume after Superior.
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Freshwater Lakes -  Pichola Lake

Pichola Lake

08.01.201386ID: 25578
Pichola Lake is a beautiful landmark, located at the foot hills of the Arava, in India. The lake is an artificial freshwater lake in the area of the city of Udaipur.
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Freshwater Lakes -  Lake Erie

Lake Erie

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Lake Erie belongs to a group of five Great Lakes. Worldwide Lake Erie is the 13th largest lake. Lake Erie was formed during the melting of glaciers, in less than 4000 years
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Freshwater Lakes -  Lake Huron

Lake Huron

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Lake Huron is one of the North American Great Lakes. Lake Huron extends a total area of 59600 sq. km. In Lake Huron There are about 30 000 small islands.
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Freshwater Lakes -  Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

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Lake Geneva is the second largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. Lake Geneva is the largest river basin in Switzerland.
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Freshwater Lakes -  Lake Atlin

Lake Atlin

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Lake Atlin is the largest natural lake in the region of British Columbia. The area of Atlin was turned into a tourist destination in 1900, when the gold rush receded.
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Freshwater Lakes -  Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga

04.01.2013273ID: 25559
Lake Ladoga is the largest lake in Europe and 14th largest in the entire planet. Lake Ladoga is of ice-tectonic origin, being formed after the retreat of the continental glacier.
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Freshwater Lakes -  Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

04.01.201379ID: 25569
Lake Baikal is the largest, deepest and simultaneously the oldest freshwater lake on our planet. This huge basin of lake Baikal is located in Eastern Siberia.
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