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Idaho -  Shoshone Falls

16.01.2013, ID: 25663
Shoshone Falls is considered one of the most beautiful on our planet. Shoshone offers a magnificent view, which is formed along the Snake River
Idaho -  Twin Falls

Twin Falls

05.01.201361ID: 25456
Twin Falls is an American city, a major center for Northern Nevada. Located in southern Idaho, Twin Falls is the center of Twin Falls County and is the largest city within 100 miles.
:Twin FallsTwin Falls IdahoTwin Falls County
Idaho -  Snake River

Snake River

03.01.2013157ID: 25525
Snake River is the largest and longest tributary of the Columbia River. Snake River rises near the main watershed of North America in Yellowstone National Park, in North Wyoming.
:Columbia RiverSnake River
Idaho - Urbino
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