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Medieval castles -  Stolzenfels Castle

12.01.2013, ID: 23957
Stolzenfels Castle was erected in 1259 as a military fort. Stolzenfels Castle is located among the dense forest near Koblenz.
Medieval castles -  Dumbarton Castle

Dumbarton Castle

16.12.2011271ID: 24512
Dumbarton Castle is the oldest in the UK. Dumbarton Castle rises above the southern Scottish town of the same name, on the bank of the River Clyde.
:Dumbarton CastleDumbarton
Medieval castles -  Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle

16.12.2011283ID: 24513
Ljubljana Castle, also known as Ljubljanski grad is a medieval castle. Ljubljana Castle is situated in the middle of a hill in Ljubljana.
:Ljubljana CastleLjubljanski grad
Medieval castles -  Bergh Castle

Bergh Castle

19.11.2011385ID: 23956
Bergh Castle is one of the largest medieval fortresses in the Netherlands. Bergh Castle, also known as Huis Bergh castle stands at about 5 km north of the German town of Emmerich.
:Bergh CastleHuis Bergh castle
Medieval castles -  Samuil’s Fortress

Samuil’s Fortress

19.09.2011317ID: 22774
Samuil’s Fortress is one of the most important medieval castles, preserved to this day the Bulgarian lands. Samuil's Fortress stands on a hill on the right bank of the river Strumeshnitsa.
:Castle RuinsSamuil FortressSamuil Fortress history
Medieval castles -  Beaufort Castle

Beaufort Castle

14.09.2011399ID: 22674
Beaufort Castle is an ancient complex in Luxembourg consisting of the ruins of the medieval castle and the neighbouring castle of the Renaissance.
:Beaufort CastleBeaufortBeaufort Castle Luxembourg
Medieval castles -  Lupciansky Castle

Lupciansky Castle

21.07.2011163ID: 20240
Lupciansky castle in Slovakia is a typical example of a medieval fort in this part of Europe. Lupciansky castle locally is known as Lupciansky Hrad.
:Lupciansky castleLupciansky castle SlovakiaLupciansky
Medieval castles -  Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle

26.06.2011229ID: 20230
Pembroke Castle is one of the largest and best preserved medieval fortresses in the territory of Wales. Pembroke castle has a long and interesting history.
:Pembroke CastlePembroke Castle WalesPembroke Castle history
Medieval castles -  Josselin castle

Josselin castle

14.05.2011537ID: 19691
Josselin castle is a notable chateau in France. At 1080 Josselin appears in the local registry under the name castrum Goscelini.
:Josselin CastleChateau JosselinJosselin
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