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Moorish Castles -  Obidos Castle

31.12.2010, ID: 16145
Obidos Castle is one of the gems among the medieval castles of Portugal. In the years after 713, the Moorish fortress Obidos was erected on the hill.
Moorish Castles -  Iscar Castle

Iscar Castle

15.11.2010322ID: 15087
Iscar Castle is located a Spanish village of the same name in the province of Valladolid. The first Iscar Castle on the site of today was built by the Moors. Moorish castles in Spain.
:Spanish castlesIscar CastleIscar
Moorish Castles -  Alarcon Castle

Alarcon Castle

18.09.2010819ID: 13663
Alarcon Castle is a medieval fortress located in the La Mancha in Spain. Alarcon castle was built in the 7th or 8th century when the original building there was built by the Moors. Moorish castles.
:Medieval fortressesAlarcon CastleLa Mancha
Moorish Castles -  Trujillo Castle in Alcazaba

Trujillo Castle in Alcazaba

17.09.2010640ID: 13647
Castle Alcazaba or referred to as the interesting Trujillo early medieval fortress is an attractive historical monument situated on a hill in the town of Trujillo
:Castle AlcazabaCastle TrujilloTrujillo
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