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Moravia -  Straznice Castle

01.04.2011, ID: 18659
Straznice Castle is situated in the Czech city of the same name. The meaning of Straznice is the guarding position and is linked to its defensive function on the Moravian border.
Moravia -  Bitov Castle

Bitov Castle

01.04.2011371ID: 18657
Bitov Castle is an incredibly beautiful structure, situated in the wild and picturesque green hills of the southern Moravia region in the Czech Republic.
:Bitov CastleCastle Bitov
Moravia -  Veveri Castle

Veveri Castle

31.03.2011450ID: 18629
Veveri Castle is considered one of the oldest and biggest in this region of the Czech Republic. Today Veveri Castle has become a tourist attraction and has a great interest among its many visitors.
:CastlesBrnoVeveriVeveri Castle
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