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Oregon -  Latourell Falls

16.01.2013, ID: 25667
Latourell Falls is the first landmark that is visible on the panoramic route of the Columbia River Gorge. Latourell is located in Oregon, within the National Park Guy W. Talbot.
Oregon -  Silver Falls

Silver Falls

16.01.201391ID: 25664
Silver Falls, or silver waterfalls is named after its passing through Silver Creek. The park is located close to Silverton and about 32 km southeast of Salem in Oregon.
:SalemSilver FallsSilver Creek
Oregon -  Salem


06.01.2013162ID: 25433
Salem is a city located in the territory of Oregon. The city of Salem is the capital of Oregon and the administrative center of Marion County.
:SalemSalem OregonMarion County
Oregon -  Eugene


05.01.2013149ID: 25432
Eugene is a city located on the territory of Oregon. Eugene is the administrative center of Lane County. Eugene is named after the town founder, Eugene Franklin Skinner.
:EugeneEugene OregonLane County
Oregon -  Elowah Falls

Elowah Falls

01.03.2011263ID: 17744
Elowah Falls is one of the magnificent and unique natural beauties which must be seen in the U. S. state of Oregon. Elowah Falls is impressive with its height of 280 feet around the water drop.
:Elowah FallsElowahElowah Waterfall
Oregon -  Maltnoma Falls

Maltnoma Falls

03.11.2010830ID: 14768
Waterfall Multnomah also known as Multnomah Falls offers a fascinating view which must be seen if possible. Multnomah Falls is formed within the U. S. state of Oregon along the Columbia River Gorge.
:MaltnomaMaltnoma FallsWaterfall MaltnomaColumbia River
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