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Piedmont -  Turin

11.01.2013, ID: 24736
Turin is a major center of the Piedmont Region in Italy. Turin was the first capital of united Italy. The name of Turin comes from the Celtic word tau.
Piedmont -  Grinzane Castle

Grinzane Castle

16.01.2011168ID: 16516
Grinzane Castle is a journey back in time. Grinzane is located in the Italian Province of Cuneo, which is part of the northern Piedmont region. Grinzane is located only 50 km southeast of Turin.
Piedmont -  Castle Sacra di San Michele

Castle Sacra di San Michele

23.05.2010595ID: 11157
Castle Sacra di San Michele or known as Abbey of Saint Michael is a medieval complex in Italy. The castle is one of the largest historical buildings in the Italian region of Piedmont.
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