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Plitvice -  Plitvice Lakes National Park

08.01.2013, ID: 25579
Plitvice Lakes is a unique landmark in the territory of Croatia. Within the Plitvice Lakes National Park biggest attractions are 16 lakes, each of which is located at a different level.
Plitvice - Colchester Castle
Plitvice - Moremi National Park23.08.2011 146
Plitvice - Kluane National Park19.11.2011 619
Plitvice - Vianden Castle03.01.2011 1377
Plitvice - Lake O'Hara02.05.2011 162
Plitvice - Essen13.12.2011 701
Plitvice - Cautley Spout16.01.2013 224
Plitvice - Myra Rock Tombs20.07.2011 643