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Poznań Poland -  Ansbach Residence

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The Residence Ansbach is a shining palace complex, located in the eponymous German city. Ansbach palace itself is known as a Baroque Margrave Residence Palace. Residence Ansbach is known for its beautiful gardens.
Poznań Poland -  Mount Aniakchak

Mount Aniakchak

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Mount Aniakchak is a volcanic caldera over 3000 years old. Aniakchak is located in Alaska. Aniakchak was formed after a large eruption in 1645 BC.
:AniakchakМоunt AniakchakAniakchak USA
Poznań Poland -  Pau


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Pau is a city in which more than 85 000 people live. Pau is a city in France. Pau has many cathedrals.
:PauPau CityPau France
Poznań Poland -  Plano


16.09.201381ID: 26159
Plano is a town located in the territory of Texas. In Plano live about 260, 000 people. Plano holds a famous balloon festival each year.
:PlanoCity of PlanoPlano USA
PoznaÅ„ Poland -  Poznań


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Poznań is a Polish town with a population of over 556, 000 people. After World War 1, Poznań was under Polish control. Poznań is a modern city, host to regular fairs and international events.
:PoznańCity PoznańPoznań Poland
Poznań Poland -  Vilnius


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Vilnius is a Lithuanian city of over 560, 000 people. Vilnius city is the capital of the country. Vilnius as a city, begins to exist by the middle of the thirteenth century.
:VilniusCity VilniusVilnius Lithuania
Poznań Poland -  Palermo


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Palermo is a city in which live more than 855 000 people. Palermo was founded by the Phoenicians 2, 700 years ago and then became part of the Roman Empire. Palermo is an important tourist center.
:PalermoCity PalermoPalermo Italy
Poznań Poland -  Fort Collins

Fort Collins

20.01.2013320ID: 25191
Fort Collins is a city located in the territory of Colorado. Fort Collins is the administrative center of Larimer County.
:ColoradoFort CollinsFort Collins ColoradoLarimer County
Poznań Poland -  Topeka, Kansas

Topeka, Kansas

18.01.2013293ID: 25182
Topeka is located on the territory of Kansas. Topeka is the capital of Kansas and the county administrative center of Shawnee. Topeka in 1857 was recognized as a city.
:KansasTopekaTopeka KansasShawnee County
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