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Renaissance Castles -  Clam Castle - Burg Clam

16.05.2011, ID: 19652
Clam castle is distinguished from other Austrian fortresses, because its structure is still preserved. Clam Castle is open during the summer months as a hotel.
Renaissance Castles -  Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle

24.02.20111006ID: 17646
Egeskov Castle is one of the best preserved Renaissance island palaces across Europe. Egeskov Castle is known for its dolls houses. Egeskov Castle offers its visitors a wide range of surprises.
:Egeskov CastleEgeskov
Renaissance Castles -  Svihov Castle

Svihov Castle

24.02.2011738ID: 17621
Svihov Castle is celebrated as one of the most impressive and beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. Svihov Castle remains one of the best examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.
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Renaissance Castles -  Schallaburg Castle

Schallaburg Castle

24.02.2011805ID: 17634
Schallaburg is an amazing medieval castle, located just two hours from Vienna. Medieval Schallaburg stands only five kilometers from the town of Melk.
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Renaissance Castles -  Chateau de Vincennes - Vincennes Castle

Chateau de Vincennes - Vincennes Castle

22.02.2011856ID: 17559
Vincennes Castle is defined as one of the few strongholds of the Middle Ages. Vincennes Castle is open year round for visitors. Vincennes is also well known as the Chateau de Vincennes
:Vincennes CastleVincennesChateau de Vincennes
Renaissance Castles -  Weikersheim Castle

Weikersheim Castle

03.02.2011517ID: 17067
Weikersheim Castle is an elegant mansion, situated in the eponymous German town in Baden-Wurttemberg. Inside the castle Weikersheim are lavish decorations on the walls and ceilings.
:Baden WürttembergWeikersheim CastleWeikersheim
Renaissance Castles -  Litomysl Castle

Litomysl Castle

02.02.2011361ID: 17029
Litomysl Castle is the biggest attraction of the same name in the northeastern Czech town of the Pardubice Region. Litomysl Castle originally was built as a Renaissance arcade castle.
:Litomysl CastlePardubice
Renaissance Castles -  Ekenas Castle

Ekenas Castle

14.01.2011433ID: 16462
Ekenas Castle is slightly located from the capital - Stockholm and 20 miles east of the town and municipality of Linköping, Castle Ekenas is one true Renaissance jewel.
:Ekenas CastleEkenasLinköping
Renaissance Castles -  Peles Castle

Peles Castle

29.11.2010982ID: 15391
Peles Castle was erected in the region of Prahova in the Carpathian Mountains, amidst the medieval road connecting Transylvania and Wallachia. Renaissance castles in Romania.
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