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Rome -  Basilica of St. Peter, Rome

08.01.2013, ID: 24343
St. Peter's Basilica is located on the St. Peter Square in Rome. St. Peter's Basilica until recently was considered the largest church in the world.
Rome -  Piazza di Spagna in Rome

Piazza di Spagna in Rome

23.01.2011502ID: 16740
Piazza di Spagna which is one of the best known sites in Rome. Today the steps of Piazza di Spagna are best known for the fact that fashion shows are often held there.
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Rome -  San Angelo Castle - Castel Sant Angelo

San Angelo Castle - Castel Sant Angelo

29.11.20101125ID: 15393
The castle San Angelo (Castel Sant 'Angelo) is one of the historical sites in Rome. San Angelo was built on the right bank of the Tiber River. San Angelo Castle is known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian.
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Rome -  Roman Pantheon in Rome

Roman Pantheon in Rome

10.10.2010912ID: 14204
The Roman Pantheon is one of many historical characters of Rome. Today the Roman pantheon is home to the graves of the last Italian kings - Victor Emmanuel II. Sightseeing in Rome.
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Rome -  Vatican City

Vatican City

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There are no two opinions that the Vatican is the heart of the Catholic religious community. Tourists tour through the Vatican and inevitably to the beautiful huge square of St. Peter.
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Rome -  Rome


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Rome and the Pope, this is the first association that people usually give when they hear about Rome. Pictures of Rome, sightseeing in Rome, the Vatican in Rome.
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