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Saint Petersburg -  Kazan Cathedral

05.01.2013, ID: 24346
Kazan Cathedral is not only a symbol of St. Petersburg, where it is, but of the whole of Russia too. Kazan Cathedral is officially named the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan.
Saint Petersburg -  Saint Petersburg, Florida

Saint Petersburg, Florida

17.11.2011237ID: 23273
Saint Petersburg is a city that is located within the Pinellas County, Florida. Saint Petersburg is often called by locals St. Pete.
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Saint Petersburg -  Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

10.10.2011464ID: 22877
Saint Petersburg is located on the Gulf of Finland and is the former capital of Russia. Saint Petersburg North is often called the northern Venice because of its beautiful and numerous channels.
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Saint Petersburg -  Catherina Palace - Tsarskoe Selo

Catherina Palace - Tsarskoe Selo

19.02.2011893ID: 17478
Catherina Palace is the most impressive and unique building from the architectural ensemble of the Tsarskoe Selo complex, located 24 km from the former Russian capital Saint Petersburg.
:Catherina PalaceTsarskoe Selo
Saint Petersburg -  Gatchina Palace

Gatchina Palace

19.02.2011393ID: 17476
Gatchina Palace is a remarkable complex located in the eponymous Russian city, located 42 km from Saint Petersburg. Gatchina is a precious architectural monument of the late 18th century.
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Saint Petersburg -  Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace

23.09.20101202ID: 13804
Peterhof Palace, known as Petrodvorets is one fascinating palace that today can be seen in Saint Petersburg. Peterhof Palace is a huge complex of palace buildings built by order of Peter the Great.
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