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Tombs -  Etruscan Tombs Cerveteri

21.06.2011, ID: 20443
Etruscan Tombs Cerveteri is located in southern Etruria, 50 km northwest of Rome. Treasures in the tombs include many bronze and silver items, fine gold jewelry.
Tombs -  Tatul Thracian Tomb

Tatul Thracian Tomb

15.02.2011415ID: 17404
Thracian tomb near Tatul is one of the most interesting sights, you can visit in Southern Bulgaria. Thracian tomb near Tatul dates back 12 centuries BC.
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Tombs -  San Angelo Castle - Castel Sant Angelo

San Angelo Castle - Castel Sant Angelo

29.11.20101034ID: 15393
The castle San Angelo (Castel Sant 'Angelo) is one of the historical sites in Rome. San Angelo was built on the right bank of the Tiber River. San Angelo Castle is known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian.
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Tombs -  Tomb of Tutankhamun

Tomb of Tutankhamun

11.10.20102044ID: 14220
The tomb of Tutankhamun is one of the most popular historical attractions in the world. The tomb of Tutankhamun is a part of the greatest outdoor museum in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor.
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Tombs -  Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army

24.09.2010704ID: 13845
Terracotta Army is one of historical prides of China. The world-famous terracotta army, consisting of military figures is also one of the biggest attractions of the Chinese city of Xian.
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Tombs -  Pantalica - Sicily

Pantalica - Sicily

21.05.2010628ID: 11050
Pantalica has an ancient imperial necropolis, which is unique in nature. The vast necropolis of Pantalica consists of 5000 tombs. Pantalica is located in southeastern Sicily, near Syracuse.
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Tombs - Castle Morro
Tombs - Bouzov Castle23.09.2010 623
Tombs - Ballinacarriga Castle15.01.2011 379
Tombs - Lewes Castle04.09.2010 439
Tombs - Dendera Temple18.11.2011 763
Tombs - Cairns08.01.2013 70
Tombs - Una River05.03.2011 604
Tombs - Menhir of Carnac20.07.2011 651