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Tyrol -  Laudegg Castle

24.02.2011, ID: 17631
Laudegg castle in Ladis as one of the most beautiful in Tyrol, Austria. Castle Laudegg is the largest tourist attraction of the small holiday village Ladis
Tyrol -  Prosels Castle

Prosels Castle

02.02.2011538ID: 17038
Prosels Castle is situated on a high plateau to the land title settlement in South Tyrol. strong>Prosels Castle stands with its medieval figure below the Schlern mountain
:Medieval castlesProsels CastleProsels
Tyrol -  Landeck Castle

Landeck Castle

18.01.2011475ID: 16586
Landeck castle is a real window into the past. Landeck castle is situated at the ancient Roman fortress - Via Claudia Augusta, within the incredibly beautiful and naturally rich Tyrolean region.
:Landeck CastleMedieval castlesLandeck
Tyrol -  Fortress Kufstein

Fortress Kufstein

21.05.2010577ID: 11046
One of the historical landmarks in the area of Tyrol in Austria is the Kufstein fortress. Historical sources mention the fortress Kufstein in the early 13th century.
:FortressesKufsteinHistorical landmarks
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