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Valladolid -  Valladolid

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Valladolid is one of three wine regions. The city of Valladolid is the capital of the province of Valladolid.
Valladolid -  Penafiel Castle

Penafiel Castle

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Penafiel Castle is remarkable medieval castle, located in the in the province of Valladolid in Spain. Penafiel Castle dominates the high hill above the Douro River.
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Valladolid -  Mota Castle - Castillo de la Mota

Mota Castle - Castillo de la Mota

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Mota Castle was locally known as Castillo de la Mota and is located in Medina del Campo, in the province of Valladolid in Spain. The castle Mota was probably built in the 12th century
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Valladolid -  Iscar Castle

Iscar Castle

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Iscar Castle is located a Spanish village of the same name in the province of Valladolid. The first Iscar Castle on the site of today was built by the Moors. Moorish castles in Spain.
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