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Varna -  The Roman Baths in Varna

03.07.2011, ID: 20357
The Roman Baths in the sea capital Varna are one of the largest historic landmarks in the city. The Roman Baths are unique in nature because they are among the best preserved monuments.
Varna -  Kaliakra Cape

Kaliakra Cape

15.02.2011803ID: 17396
Kaliakra Cape is one of the most beautiful places along the Bulgarian coast. Kaliakra is the longest nose in the Balkans. Kaliakra Cape is situated 72 km of Varna and 12 km from Kavarna.
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Varna -  The golden treasure of Varna

The golden treasure of Varna

24.09.20101614ID: 13844
The golden treasure of Varna is a huge archeological find discovered near Varna. The treasure of Varna, can be seen in 6 rooms in the Varna Archaeological Museum.
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