Castles in Germany

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 -  Drachenburg Palace

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Drachenburg Palace seemed to emerge out of a fairy tale among the hills of province Rhine-Westphalia. The foundations of the castle Drachenburg were made in the years between 1882 - 1884.
 -  Ludwigslust Castle

Ludwigslust Castle

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Ludwigslust Castle is an amazingly beautiful palace complex in Northern Germany. Ludwigslust is located in the town, which is part of the Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin.
:SchwerinLudwigslust CastleLudwigslust
 -  Borbeck Castle

Borbeck Castle

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Borbeck Castle is situated in a beautiful park in the title of the German city of Essen. For more than 14 centuries, Borbek castle was the residence of many religious heads.
:Borbeck CastleBorbeckCastle Essen
 -  Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle

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Schweriner Castle or also so known as, Schwerin, is located in the eponymous German city. Schwerin Castle has a lot to offer its visitors.
:Schwerin CastleSchwerinSchweriner Castle
 -  Wachsenburg Castle

Wachsenburg Castle

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Wachsenburg Castle has the shape of a square measuring 50 to 50 meters. Wachsenburg rises in the picturesque southern German region of Thuringia.
:ThuringiaWachsenburgWachsenburg Castle
 -  Mühlburg Castle

Mühlburg Castle

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Mühlburg Castle is an interesting medieval castle in Thuringia. Located about 13 miles from the historic German city of Erfurt, the three palaces are in the beautiful area of Wachsenburg.
:Medieval castlesThuringiaErfurt
 -  Marienburg Castle

Marienburg Castle

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Marienburg Castle is another fabulous stop of the trip among the German noble palaces. The spectacular Marienburg castle is located just 20 miles south of Hanover, near Nordstemmen.
:Marienburg CastleHanoverMarienburg Hanover
 -  Karlsruhe Palace

Karlsruhe Palace

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The palace of Karlsruhe is considered the biggest tourist attraction in the Karlsruhe. The beautiful palace of Karlsruhe, consisting was built between 1752 and 1785.
:KarlsruheKarlsruhe CastleKarlsruhe Palace
 -  Greifenstein Castle in Germany

Greifenstein Castle in Germany

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Greifenstein, is most associated with the unique museum of bells, which can be seen there. German Bell Museum. Greifenstein Castle is remarkable for its two tall towers, which are interrelated.
:Medieval castlesGreifensteinGreifenstein Castle
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