Castles in France

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 -  Palais des Papes in Avignon

07.12.2010, ID: 15576
Palais des Papes is one of the greatest attractions in the town of Avignon. Palais des Papes in Avignon is one of the largest Gothic buildings in France.
 -  Pierrefonds Castle - Chateau de Pierrefonds

Pierrefonds Castle - Chateau de Pierrefonds

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The panorama view of the medieval castle Pierrefonds (Chateau Pierrefonds) looks like a fairy tale moment. Chateau de Pierrefonds is located at the southern end of the wooded area of Compiegne.
:Medieval castlesPierrefondsPierrefonds Castle
 -  Coucy Castle - Chateau de Coucy

Coucy Castle - Chateau de Coucy

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Chateau de Coucy or Coucy Castle is located in the Aisne department in France. The remains of Coucy Castle such as we see them today were errected in 1220.
:AisneChateau CoucyCoucy
 -  Usse Castle - Chateau Usse

Usse Castle - Chateau Usse

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Fairytale Usse Castle stands in the charming southern end of the largest forest in the valley of the River Loire in France. The history of the modern Usse Castle as we see today began in the 15th cent
:Usse CastleUsseLoire River
 -  Cheverny Castle - Chateau de Cheverny

Cheverny Castle - Chateau de Cheverny

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Cheverny Castle is located in the French department of Loir-et-Cher, which covers the area of the picturesque Loire Valley. Distinctive for Cheverny Castle is the symmetry.
:Loire valleyLoire Valley CastlesCheverny Castle
 -  Haut Koenigsbourg Castle

Haut Koenigsbourg Castle

30.11.2010412ID: 15422
Haut-Koenigsbourg was built at 700 meters altitude in the French Vosges mountains. Haut-Koenigsbourg stands majestically on a hill dominating the plain of Alsace.
:Haut KoenigsbourgHaut Koenigsbourg CastleVosges Mountains
 -  Fougeres Castle

Fougeres Castle

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Castle Fougeres is an amazing monument of medieval military architecture. Fougeres castle is situated on the border of Brittany and halfway between Maine and Normandy.
:Medieval castlesNormandyMaine
 -  Langeais Castle

Langeais Castle

16.11.20101190ID: 15118
The town Langeais shares the same name as the Langeais Castle, which was built for an extremely short time. The Castle Langeais is a unique architectural monument. Loire Valley Castles.
:Loire Valley CastlesLangeaisLangeais Castle
 -  Blois Castle

Blois Castle

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Castle of Blois proudly dominates the river Loire, passing through the town in the north central part of France. Today in Blois is the famous royal residence in who was buried Catherine de Medici.
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