Castles in Spain

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 -  La Calahorra Castle

17.09.2010, ID: 13646
Castle Calahorra is an unusual Moorish fortress, which with a romantic gesture turns into a magnificent Renaissance palace, a gift from one man to show his love for his wife.
 -  Almonacid de Toledo Castle

Almonacid de Toledo Castle

04.09.2010801ID: 13411
The ruins of the Almonacid de Toledo Castle rise majestically on a small hill that dominates the little village of the same name. Inside the castle Toledo you can see the remains of defensive walls.
:RuinsToledoToledo Castle
 -  Mombeltran Castle

Mombeltran Castle

03.09.2010738ID: 13410
Mombeltran castle rises on a hilly course down at the foot of the Sierra de Gredos. Mombeltran castle is located between Avila, Csceres, Toledo and Madrid.
:ToledoMadridSierra de Gredos
 -  Manzanares Castle

Manzanares Castle

02.07.20101234ID: 12062
Manzanares Castle is a castle in Spain. Manzanares is located in Manzanares El Real, 50 km north of Madrid. Manzanares is know also as the castle of Medoza. History and facts.
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 -  Alhambra Palace in Granada

Alhambra Palace in Granada

02.07.20101522ID: 12061
The Alhambra castle is located just above the town of Granada in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Alhambra is one of the oldest palace complexes in Spain.
:Sierra NevadaAlhambraAlhambra Castle
 -  Jadraque Castle

Jadraque Castle

05.06.2010486ID: 11508
Jadraque castle is an amazing medieval fortress, situated near the Spanish village of the same name, which is located somewhere in the middle of the province of Guadalajara.
:FortressesGuadalajaraJadraque castle
 -  Guadamur Castle

Guadamur Castle

24.05.2010857ID: 11152
Castle Guadamur offers a sympathetic view of the small Spanish town La Natividad, located in the central province of Toledo. Guadamur Castle was built in the 15th century by Count Pedro Lopez de Ayala
:Medieval castlesToledoGuadamur
 -  Castle Coca

Castle Coca

24.05.20101288ID: 11150
Castle Coca is a combination of late medieval architecture and the exotic Arab palace. Castle Coca stands in the spanish town of Coca, which is located in the province of Segovia.
:Medieval castlesCastle CocaCoca
 -  Castle Alcazar of Segovia

Castle Alcazar of Segovia

23.05.20103323ID: 11162
Castle Alcazar of Segovia is an amazing architectural gem located in the old city of Segovia in Spain. The background of Alcazar Segovia is composed of the mountain chain Guadarrama.
:AlcazarCastle AlcazarSegovia
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