Castles in Austria

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Castles in Austria -  Hardegg Castle

17.05.2011, ID: 19651
Hardegg Castle is the most interesting sight of the eponymous Austrian city located near Hollabrunn, in Lower Austria. Near Hardegg is Riegersburg Castle.
Castles in Austria -  Clam Castle - Burg Clam

Clam Castle - Burg Clam

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Clam castle is distinguished from other Austrian fortresses, because its structure is still preserved. Clam Castle is open during the summer months as a hotel.
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Castles in Austria -  Schönbühel Castle

Schönbühel Castle

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Schönbühel Castle stands on the edge of a high, and uneven, cliff in the Austrian valley of Wachau. Schönbühel Castle is one of the tourist attractions of the boat in the Melk area.
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Castles in Austria -  Schlossberg in Graz

Schlossberg in Graz

15.05.2011522ID: 19668
Schlossberg is where the strongest fortress in the world once was, which today is almost nothing but an impressive clock tower, considered the symbol of Graz.
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Castles in Austria -  Lockenhaus Castle - Lockenhaus Burg

Lockenhaus Castle - Lockenhaus Burg

12.05.2011378ID: 19679
Lockenhaus Burg is often called the last knight castle in Austria. Lockenhaus dominates with its vast shadow the small market town Lockenburg.
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Castles in Austria -  Schattenburg Castle

Schattenburg Castle

12.05.2011690ID: 19682
Schattenburg Castle is the emblem of the Austrian city of Feldkirch. Today medieval Schattenburg castle provides an excellent example of how life was here in the 16 century.
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Castles in Austria -  Riegersburg Castle

Riegersburg Castle

01.04.20111190ID: 18655
Riegersburg Castle soars high on a volcanic, basalt cliff with excellent views of the village with the same name. The best time of year to visit the interesting medieval Riegersburg Castle is in late summer.
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Castles in Austria -  Rappottenstein Castle

Rappottenstein Castle

24.02.2011523ID: 17633
Rappottenstein Castle is an imposing medieval castle, located in Lower Austria. Rappottenstein Castle was erected in the 12th century to defend against attacks within the already existing settlement.
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Castles in Austria -  Artstetten Castle

Artstetten Castle

24.02.2011817ID: 17632
Artstetten Castle is an interesting palace which for centuries has been a family owned Austro-Hungarian Habsburg dynasty. It is located a few kilometers from the village Klein-Pöchlarn.
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