Fougeres Castle

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Fougeres Castle

Fougeres Castle is located in the same name among the new city in the province of Brittany in France. This rose which fell part of the country has unique medieval fortifications and Fougeres ranks which are among the top positions in attendance.

The castle is situated on the border of Brittany and halfway between Maine and Normandy. This palace was a proud defender of the Bretan region, and keeps the story interesting beyond the fortress walls.

Fougeres Castle is an amazing monument of medieval military architecture, but also considered one of the best preserved fortified castles in Europe.

Today the castle has been managed to largely be preserved in its authentic form, as it was constructed during the last half of the 15th century. It has a structure, which is made up of three main parts and is a shining example of a medieval fortress.

The first barrier of Fougeres Castle serves to protect the castle and is the central place to attack enemies. The second barrier was the place in those centuries where everyday life was bubbling. This area is also used to shelter people in case of attack on the fortress. The third barrier was fenced to protect the entire fortress. Then followed the main retaining walls before the trench was excavated. In cases of attack it was filled with water for better defense.


Although designed as the perfect military fortress Fougeres Castle has passed times of peace and cultural life. Its ancient atmosphere was the inspiration for many writers and artists. Among them stand out names of Victor Hugo, Balzac and Chateaubriand.

Today castle visits are possible throughout the year, most often organized are the student trips to add knowledge of past history of the area.

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