Cawdor Castle

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Cawdor Castle is what all fans of medieval Scottish history are looking for. The castle Cawdor has an atmosphere of the Middle Ages which you can touch and feel with your hands in the air, thanks to its authentic interior.

This compelling and magical castle in Scotland is invariably associated with Shakespeare. Today the castle Cawdor is not just another cool medieval building that has been partly preserved until today, but a wonderful and warm mansion which is still home to the Cawdor family.

Cawdor Castle

Cawdor Castle is a family possession of the eponymous clan, which today is home to the Dowager Countess of the genus. Cawdor is located in the Scottish community, bearing the same name. Medieval manor Cawdor is located about 16 miles east of Inverness and about 8 miles southwest of the city Nairn in Scotland.

The first written evidence of the castle Cawdor as we see today dates from 1454 when it was owned by William. However, fortification of this place was several centuries before the 15th century. The oldest part of the castle dates from 1380.

One curious feature of the palace is that it was built around the pillars of a tree. Today, we know that parts of this trunk date from around 1372 and can still be seen in the underground level of the tower, which was used once as a prison.

An interesting legend explains why the castle was built around a tree. The former ruler of the Cawdor area had a small castle about a mile from where Cawdor Castle is today. He decided to build a new mansion with a new, stronger tower. One night, the ruler was caught in a bizarre dream in which he knew exactly what to do.

The next morning the nobleman loaded on the back of a donkey a bag of gold and let him go all day to wander around. According to his dream, where the donkey would stop to rest, would be the place where they built the new castle Cawdor. So it happened - the animal fell asleep under the tree, which stands today in the basement of the castle Cawdor.

Today the tour of Cawdor offers very exciting halls, filled with family relics and authentic furnishings. In the Great Hall of Cawdor you can see a lot of family emblems, there are even some impressive antlers among the many portraits of the Cawdor family members.

A very attractive room is the old kitchen, which is carved directly into the red sandstone on which is the foundations of the entire castle Cawdor. This kitchen had been used since 1640 to 1938, and today is just a wonderful example of what kitchens looked like centuries ago.

Cawdor Castle has three beautiful gardens. One of them is enclosed and they say it is the oldest garden which dates from 1600. A little later it was used as a vegetable garden. The flower garden is designed as a summer park and is incredibly beautiful with well-arranged flowers and shrubs. The latest is a wild garden, which has existed since 1960.

Today visitors to the castle can also access the golf course situated on 25 acres of lawns and parks.

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