Weikersheim Castle

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Weikersheim Castle is an elegant mansion, situated in the eponymous German town in Baden-Wurttemberg. The history of the Castle Weikersheim goes 800 years back in time when this place was home to a private residence. The palace remains so until the middle of last century when the then owner sold the property to the province to who is the owner to this day.

During summer months, Music Festivals are held at the Weikersheim Castle and during the rest of the year in the halls of the palace members of the student activist movement Weikersheim become occupants.

Weikersheim Castle

Am extremely pleasant view of the castle complex can be detected from the sloping hills of Tauberland. The very medieval fortress, which was surrounded by a water barrier protection was built somewhere in the 12th century, but the exact date is not known.

In the 16th century the castle was handed over to the family of Hohenlohe. The last member of who sold the mansion in 1967 to Baden-Wurttemberg. In the 16th century, Count Wolfgang II of Hohenlohe was the one who turned the castle into a wonderful Renaissance palace in which we see today.

Inside the castle Weikersheim are lavish decorations on the walls and ceilings. Many of the furniture and various objects of art are from about the century from the time of Count Carl-Ludwig.

Perhaps the biggest impression of the halls in the palace is the Knight's Hall. It is very beautiful and is considered one of the best preserved banquet halls of this period among all the palaces in Germany.

Weikersheim Castle formed a complete composition with a greenhouse, fountain of Hercules and a Gallery. This composition is so beautiful and elegant that it deserves the nickname Versailles of Hohenlohe. The conservatory is at the peak in the gardens of the complex. Today it is used for many weddings and concerts, and major holidays.

The so-called Gallery was the work of the extraordinary mind of Ludwig. He ordered it to be erected at the entrance to the car park of the castle, so the cartoon stone figures can be seen.

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