Larnach Castle

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Larnach Castle is the only palace complex on the territory of New Zealand that can be called a castle in the full sense of the word. Throughout the country there are several similar structures, but rather have the size of a family mansion.

Larnach Castle today also privately owned by the Barker family is open for public visits, in parallel, the complex includes its special structures designed to be used as a hotel. Larnach Castle today is synonymous with beauty, elegant atmosphere and first class service, and the lovely garden has worldwide recognition.

Larnach Castle - the only palace in New Zealand, is situated on a high hill in the middle of the coastal part of the island of Otago Peninsula, which is located in the south of the country. Larnach is standing right in the middle of a 35-acre property of the whole palace complex and is located eight miles east of the coastal city of Dunedin.

Larnach Castle in New Zealand

Larnach Castle is an exciting destination for lovers of refined manners, aristocratic atmosphere and modern amenities which are all combined with the unique spirit of the past. The natural scenery around Larnach is more than beautiful and picturesque.

Palace Larnach stems from 1871 when built by William Larnach, who was a merchant, banker and politician, for his beloved first wife Eliza and their six children. Construction of the castle was very costly as they used the most expensive materials possible for that time - marble from Italy, glass from Venice, tiles from England.

It took more than 200 workers over three years to construct the palace and some 12 famous masters from around the world dealing with the internal decoration and the design of Larnach. Ultimately the castle was completed in 1876.

Larnach Castle was built in Gothic Revival style. The first two floors of the facade were complete with glass verandas in colonial style. The entire interior of the castle astounds with its beauty from the beautiful carved ceilings, Venetian glass doors and many other beautiful moments. The ballroom of the Larnach Castle was built as a gift for the 21st birthday of the beloved daughter of banker Larnach - Kate, in 1886.

After years of stagnation, Larnach Castle was purchased by Barry and Margaret Barker in 1967. This family paid over the following 35 years for the restoration of the palace, as a result, it is what we see today. In parallel, we do not stop rumors that Larnach is inhabited by ghosts.

Several television broadcasts devote airtime to the subject, as different people and experts say that within the Larnach Castle you can see shadows, mysteriously opening and closing doors, etc. According to the those who have made claims, the spirits that roam the palace Larnach, are pretty unhappy and miserable.

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