Borgund Stave Church

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Bordung Stave Church, Norway

Borgund Stave Church is a unique wooden building, which is located in the eponymous Norwegian countryside. The interesting design of the temple is one of the least typical of Norway, who have managed to keep in roughly its original form until today.

A total of 28 similar wooden churches remain in Norway today, and Borgund is the best preserved of them. It is classified as a single vessel wooden church on three levels of the so-called Sogn style, which is typical of the historic church buildings in the country.

Borgund Stave Church is the oldest structure of wood, which can be seen today in Norway. Its architectural style and building itself are a unique example in construction, which the northern European country has given the world.

The original construction of the Borgund stave church dates from around 1180, when it was erected in honor of the Apostle Andrew. This is the time when the Vikings take up Christianity and began raising its unique, unmatched anywhere else in the world, temples.

The Viking period covers the years between 795 and 1066. After 1066 began the Christianization of these lands, as well as the appearance of religious buildings in the style of Sogn. In the Middle Ages such wooden structures were in almost all of northern Europe, but today they are preserved mainly in Norway.

In the unique construction of the Borgund stave church can be noticed some fragments that centuries ago the Vikings incorporated into their ships. At the top of the wooden temple can be seen Christian eyes, which are actually four dragon heads that the Vikings have incarnated in their buildings with the objective to protect them from evil forces.

It is believed that the current Borgund stave church was built sometime between 1180 and 1250. In later stages it has been restored several times and supplemented with small buildings. It is constructed of vertical wooden beams, boards and shingles, which give the name of this style of churches in Norway. The four walls of Borgund are connected by wooden props, which were laid on stone foundations.

The Borgund Stave Church is one of the biggest attractions in this part of Norway. It regularly holds various historical exhibitions and expositions, some of which offer visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the Vikings. The Borgund stave church has a special visitor center that introduces visitors to the history of the temple and the typical architectural style. The Borgund stave church has a nice restaurant and souvenir shop.

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