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Water channels in Bruges

The glory of Bruges is that it is one of the most beautiful European cities that has been preserved with its unique medieval atmosphere. This charming city is located in the Belgian region of Flanders, which is one of three main areas in the northern European countries.


Because of its beauty which is dotted with canals of urban infrastructure it is often called Bruges "Northern Venice". Since 2000 it is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get to this historic city is easy. You can land at either airport in Brussels or Lille. At the airport in Brussels there was built the railway station, where there is a very easy rail to Bruges. Only one transfer to the city for an hour and a half.

Urban landscapes captured in Bruges consist of cobbled streets and picturesque houses with pointed roofs that are built over channels that go around the beautiful historic center.

In recent years tourism in Bruges has been dramatically increased and locals jokingly complain that they live in Disneyland. The flow of visitors there is understandable because in Bruges they have a lot of interesting historical monuments to be seen.

Walking around the small streets, the new facades of the old houses give the impression that they were built recently. In fact, most of them are old. Besides these charming old buildings surrounded by water channels in Bruges you can see interesting monuments of fine art and architecture. Particularly impressive is the church of the Holy Virgin, which has the highest brick peak in Europe. Inside can be found a unique sculpture of the Madonna, which was sculpted by Michelangelo himself. Among other religious buildings that make an impression in the city is the Basilica of Holy Blood, which is located on the square - Burg.

You can not miss a visit to the Groeninge Museum, which is known as the City Museum of Fine Arts. There are kept unique paintings of artists and works primarily in Bruges, some of which are from 14 c.

After making a tour of historic Bruges, you can relax and indulge in chocolate delights in one of the dozens of bakeries there. And although it does not go with chocolate, be sure to try some of the 350 different types of beer which are also offered.

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