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Konstanz City Center

Konstanz is located in one of the most southern points of Germany. The picturesque town bordered by Switzerland.

The town is famous mostly for its rich history and impressive churches. It is assumed that the first inhabitants of Konstanz have settled there as early as the Stone Age. Historical areas suggest further that in the first century of the millennium within the German town Romans created Konstanz in the name of the Roman ruler.

It is in Konstanz in the 6th century that the first Episcopal congregation was created. From then on, the German town preserves and develops their religious traditions, turning it into one of the earliest spiritual centers.

In fact, Konstanz is the only place in the Alps, where there was ever conducted a conclave to choose a Pope.

The strategic importance of the city comes from its geographical position. Its proximity to the Rhine proved crucial for the development of Konstanz. On the territory of the German city trade quickly flourished. Konstanz is known for the production of flax and linen garments and accessories.

Konstanz is located in close proximity to Switzerland. An interesting detail is that for its short distances with neighboring countries, during World War II, the German city remained outside the scope of the bombing.

The story says that during the night attack all residents left the lights on. That misled the pilots, who thought that are still on Swiss territory.

This allowed the city to preserve its centuries-old landmarks. Among the most interesting places to visit in Konstanz is the Old Town, where you can stroll along the quaint streets and see some amazing buildings. Many churches and ruins of ancient Roman fortifications are part of the modern urban landscape of Konstanz.

Konstanz and Lake Constance

Perhaps the biggest attraction is the ancient cathedral of Konstanz. It is believed that the temple was built 13 centuries ago. It was here during the Middle Ages Pope Martin V takes office. Not only is the history of the building impressive, its architecture is breathtaking.

Another frequently visited religious place in Konstanz is Petershauzen Abbey. The building dates back to medieval times.

Among the ancient monuments of the German town is the castle Neiederburg.

Archaeological Museum and Jan Hus Museum are also among the places you can visit.

A signature postcard of the city is the University of Konstanz. It boasts one of the richest libraries in the world. This should not surprise us, since for centuries local people have saved up literature and notes from past and present times. Near the university is the beautiful local botanical garden. According to the educational institution, the University Library is home to over 2 million books.

Students lend a unique dynamic atmosphere to the ancient town.

It is interesting to note that the German border town is the birthplace of the famous Ferdinand von Zeppelin – inventor of the zeppelins.

Today, the population is about 85 thousand. Konstanz is situated at the western end of Lake Constance.

Near Konstanz is Germany's industrial city Singen.

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