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The city of Znojmo is an attractive historic town that offers tranquility, good food and many cultural and historical attractions to its guests. Znojmo is located in the southern region of South Moravia in the Czech Republic along the border with Lower Austria. The distance between the Austrian capital Vienna and Znojmo is only 80 minutes travel, between the two cities is an excellent rail and road transport network.


Znojmo is beautifully situated on a rocky slope on the left bank of the Dyje River. Locals inhabited these lands since ancient times. Later in time here passed important trade routes, which required the construction of the citadel, around which Znojmo gradually developed. Over time, the military-strategic importance was reduced and the city became a cultural and religious center on the periphery of which remain bleak industrial suburbs.

Today Znojmo is a pleasant town that keeps its historical consciousness and offers medieval urban architecture and fun experiences. One of them is the "Vintage Festival" in Znojmo, held in early September since 1996. The festival takes place among the historical monuments of the Old Town and passes under the accompaniment of music, competitions, dancing and wine.

Among the important historical monuments of Znojmo, which is the third most important historical center of Moravia, are the castle Znojmo, the Gothic church of "St. Nicholas", unique dungeons below the city and many other attractive places to visit.

Especially attractive are the underground corridors in Znojmo, which form a network of corridors 4 floors down, with a total length of 27 km. These cellars and tunnels are among the largest in Central Europe. These catacombs were used to hide people in attacks and store food and drinks.

An interesting opportunity to explore the sights of Znojmo is a 90-minute trip by train through the old cobbled streets of the city. The main squares of Znojmo are Horney namnesti and Masariviko namnesti. Perhaps the most valuable historical city attraction is the Blessed Virgin Mary and the St. Catherine rotunda, located on Hradní Street. It was built in 1037 by the Czech Prince Břetislav. In 1134 the rotunda was decorated with beautiful frescoes.

Interesting for the guests of Znojmo is Znojmo Castle, which dates from the early 11th century. Built originally as the seat of the then prince, in the 18th century the medieval castle was turned into a beautiful palace. Today it is a museum where you can see permanent exhibitions of authentic furniture, military and hunting guns, historical stamps, ceramics and more.

Other important sights of Znojmo are the city Tower and Church of St. Nicholas. The tower has a height of 68.6 meters and was built in the years between 1445 and 1448. Today, its unique architecture is considered a symbol of all Znojmo.