Matterhorn Peak

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Probably many have seen the imposing figure of Matterhorn Peak of the famous brand chocolates, but are not aware that before them is the image of one of the wild and most dangerous peaks on our planet. With is 4478 m of altitude peak Matterhorn is part of the Alps mountains chain. Matterhorn stands exactly on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Matterhorn Peak is enriched all year round with snow and glaciers and is even a challenge for the most experienced climbers from around the world.

peak Matterhorn is one of the best known and is remarkable for its almost perfect form of a pyramid, with its sharp peak. This giant was formed 50 million years ago when they encountered the continent of Africa and Europe. Matterhorn is a rock unit formed by the movements of the crust. At the foot of the Matterhorn is the Swiss town of Zermatt.

The first attempt to climb the peak Matterhorn was held in 1789 when Swiss physicist and geologist Horace-Benedict de Saussure made a failed attempt to reach the highest point of the Matterhorn. Previously, the Swiss had climbed Mount Blanc.

In the years between 1861 and 1863 Edward Whymper repeatedly took extreme attempts to conquer Matterhorn. They all started from Italy and have failed.

Matterhorn Swiss Alps

In 1865 climbers decided to try the Swiss side. The group that took up the steep cliffs of the Matterhorn was a team of 5 people, and Whymper young, Lord Francis Douglas employed an assistant guide to assist with getting to the top from Zermatt. The expedition set off in the morning of July 13, 1865. It lasted about two days and was successful, for the first time in history, Mount Matterhorn was conquered. A great misfortune in descent, however, overshadowed the joy of mountaineers. The road down is very slow and difficult, in one area a group failed as the rope broke. Four climbers were killed and the only survivor was Whymper.

Today around 2000 people every year attempt to climb Matterhorn, however quite often accidents are unfortunate and approximately 15 climbers a year are killed on the slopes.

In 2007 three Bulgarian climbers died trying to conquer Matterhorn. Ivan Nenkov aged 27, Tihomir Stoyanov-Tisho, 24, and Philip Zhazmati aged 29, all died while attempting to winter ascent on the north wall of Matterhorn in Switzerland. It was noted that they fell into an abyss over 800 m altitude.

Today, all ridges and walls of the Matterhorn are climbed in all seasons. Throughout the year, mountain guides lead their teams upstream to Matterhorn willing to conquer the peak. A popular route is the North-East ridge route, which passes through Hyornli hut.

Peak Matterhorn

The Matterhorn climb can be successful only to experienced and exceptionally well-prepared hikers. Preparation for conquering the Matterhorn should begin at least a year and a half before the actual climb.

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