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Todorka from the ski zone

Todorka is located in the Pirin Mountain. It is the only peak on the Todorina side in the mountain. It is 2746 meters high and is the eleventh highest place in Pirin.

Todorka is rocky, although it is very steep. It has three points that are critical - these are great Todorka, Small Todorka and Medium Todorka.

Todorka is the most northerly point and resembles a pyramid, when viewed from Bansko. On the slopes of Big Todorka are several ski runs that are most important in Bansko. Here come many tourists to descend on the slopes of Big Todorka ansd in winter the area is quite lively.

Besides skiers on the slopes are seen many snowboarders. Southwest of Big Todorka is Middle Todorka, which is 2706 meters high. To the southeast is a small Todorka - it is 2712 meters high.

In the eastern part there are two lakes, called Todorini eyes. They are cirque lakes. The eyes are part of a group of Vasilashki lakes. The upper lake is located in the steep slopes of the Small and Medium Todorka. It is located at 2536 m altitude and is in fifth place among lakes in the Pirin Mountain. The lake is 7.7 meters deep and has a total area of 13.2 hectares, its water volume is 44, 600 cubic meters.

Todorka from Bansko

From the upper pond, flows a stream which connects with the flow from the lower Lake and flows into Lake Vassilashko.

The lower lake is located 2510 m above sea level and is one of the ten highest lakes in the Pirin Mountain. It is located north of the upper lake and is on the south slope of Big Todorka. The depth of the lake is 3.7 m, total area is 6.7 acres, and its water volume is 12, 000 cubic meters. Both lakes are round and resemble eyes. They are called also Todorini tears.

Todorka can be easily climbed from the south of the summit, at the Todotina portal. It can be climbed through the Shiligarnik. Rain on the way to Todorka is a challenge for tourists and can be overcome only by well-trained tourists. The area is an avalanche danger, but that does not stop skiers and snowboarders.

Todorka received its name because of the legend of the beautiful girl Todora. She wanted to marry her beloved Vasil, but her father did not allow this. Then she fled from her father's house and climbed the highest peak. She wept, while her tears formed two lakes. Vasil walked the mountain searching for her. He finally reached a peak, which today is called Vashilashki chukar, and threw himself into the lake underneath. This is one of the Vasilashki lakes.

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