Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle

There are conflicting opinions about Hearst Castle - some are delighted with this castle - new generation and others believe that the superlatives for Hearst were exaggerated and the whole castle was overpraised. What is certain is that if Hearst is not so great, at least it certainly is quite interesting.

Hearst Castle is located on the central coast in California. This magnificent property is included in the national register of historic landmarks of the United States. It was built in 1926 on behalf of media mogul - William Randolph Hearst. The project was awarded to designer Julia Morgan, which had some very interesting solutions for the interior of the castle. Inside there are many Italian and Spanish antiques.

Hearst Castle was completed in 1947, and ten years later, the media boss Corporation donated the property to California. From that moment on Castle Hearst was open for public visits, allowing guests to enjoy the amazing collections of art and the beautiful gardens at the mansion. Although the Hearst Castle is located to far from some large urban center, there are approximately one million visitors a year.

The gardens around the palace are spectacular. You can see the so called, Neptune Pool. The castle has a very interesting history, being reconstructed and revised three times, while satisfying the claims of its owner.

Castle Hearst

The main focus in the basin of Neptune is the facade of an ancient Roman temple that William Hearst purchased and shipped to California. Inside the Hearst Castle particularly impressive is the dining room as it’s height is that of the five-storey block and situated in it is a giant table and on the wall you can see four of the six largest world tapestries.

The total number of rooms in the castle is 165 and the entire complex with its gardens, terraces, pools and alleys occupy nearly 514 thousand square meters. You can visit the castle by bus. Until a certain stage of the road you can reach by car, after which there is a special parking still built that offers a free bus that transports you up the spiral path to the castle itself. The data center states that every minute or two a bus is full with tourists.



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