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Stob Pyramids in Bulgaria

Stob Pyramids in Bulgaria

Stob pyramids are among the most amazing rock formations, which can be found in the territory of Bulgaria. Many believe that Stob pyramids of Melnik are inferior in size, but are full with picturesqueness and beauty.

This amazing rock phenomenon is on the way to the Rila Monastery in the western foot of Rila Mountain. The pyramids have the name of the village of Stob, which is the successor of the ancient Thracian city Stobi, destroyed by floods in the legends.

Stob Village is located at the entrance to the valley of the river and Rila Monastery. It is part of the municipality of Kocherinovo and located only 5 km from the city Kocherinovo.

Stob Pyramids Rila

The village and its beautiful landmark is situated 96 km south of Sofia, the route is the international road E-79. Stob The village is about two kilometers from the only way to Rila Monastery.

When you reach the village it is necessary go through the information center, located in the pleasant one-story building close to the square. Everywhere there are signs indicative for convenience of tourists. In the tourist center the staff will provide a detailed guidance of the Stob pyramids, and all the attractions in the area. There are benches, toilets and everything you need to prepare for almost a one hour trip to the pyramids. There is also car parking where you should leave your car.

The starting point to reach Stob pyramids is from the St. Procopius Church, located at the western end of the village. The entire route is eco-trail. First the trail reaches up the slopes of the mountain and from there the actual start of the route begins. From there the area lies along a forest trail marked with the color red. After about 20 minutes you will reach the first group of sand pyramids, where for the convenience of tourists there is a small gazebo shelter.

The view to the acute forms of the Stob pyramids is really amazing. The phenomenon is composed of various forms and conical in shape, most of which end with a cap stone, resembling the shape of mushrooms. The average height of the Stob pyramids is between 7 and 10 meters in height but some individual fragments reaches an impressive 12 meters.

Stob Pyramids Bulgaria

Less pyramids were built on the northern slope of the hill on which are located the Stob pyramids. Most rock formations can be found on the southern slope of the hill, like the pyramids there are larger and more compressed. The colors are of natural phenomena and vary in the warm range between yellow and brown.

Stob village itself is mentioned in the ancient chronicles still under the name of the town Stobi. Once there were impressive fortress walls and towers, mines and pipelines. It is known that Stobi reached its zenith in the 9th century. Most likely it was destroyed during the 12th century and then restored during the Second Bulgarian Empire. For centuries beautiful legends were worn on the natural phenomenon of the Stob pyramids.

One of them tells how many years ago at the pyramids there were large planes, where the villagers gathered to go on major holidays and have fun. In the village there were two young lovers. The girl's mother would not agree for her to marry her lover, but nevertheless the girl and the boy decided to elope.

At the time the mother realized what she had done and therefore put a great curse on her daughter. The curse was when her father in law kisses all the guests at the wedding that they were to become stones. So it happened - the day of the wedding all were very happy until the time came time when the bride had to kiss her father in law. Just then all the wedding guests turned into stone. From that day in the village of Stob the pyramids became fabulous. Stob pyramids were declared a natural landmark by 1964.



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